Ten Misconceptions About University Life

Before I ventured to university I heard so many stories about university life that put me off, mainly around money. Now, as a student people make assumptions about me which I despise. Here are the top ten I think you’ll recognise as a student or may change your mind about university if they were putting you… Continue reading Ten Misconceptions About University Life

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My Marathon Walk For Student Minds

In March of this year I became a fundraising champion for the charity Student Minds. Student Minds are an incredible charity whom support students in higher education to care for their own mental health and also to support others through any struggle they may have. Student mental health is an issue that really needs to… Continue reading My Marathon Walk For Student Minds

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25 Things I Learnt In My Second Year of University.

Hello! I’ve just finished my second year of university. This year has been testing, I’m glad it’s over and I’m ready for a fresh start in third year. Nobody tells you how lonely and isolating university can be, and if you’re feeling that way, please know you are not alone. High school pettiness does not stop… Continue reading 25 Things I Learnt In My Second Year of University.

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To Anyone Suffering With Their Mental Health This Exam Season

It is exam season in the UK at the moment and for me , exam season is when anxiety rears its ugly head, every single year without fail. I’ve spoken in this post about my obsession with my grades at university but when it comes to exams this started in high school at GCSE level.… Continue reading To Anyone Suffering With Their Mental Health This Exam Season

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Letter To My Younger Self

Dear Rose, Friends come, and they go. They come, and they go. Stop letting people treat you like shit because you are scared to be alone. The day you accept you were bullied is a good day. Stop justifying other people’s behaviour towards you and walk away, these people are not your friends. Friends shouldn’t… Continue reading Letter To My Younger Self