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My New (Academic) Year Resolutions

I start my third and final year of university on Monday. It’s gone so quickly and there’s a lot of things I want to do differently so I both enjoy and feel good throughout my final year as an undergraduate student (sob).


During my second year, self-care went out of the window. I wasn’t taking my make-up off, barely brushing my teeth, washing my hair, showering in general… This year I want to make sure I take care of myself.

Every single day I’m going to make a conscious effort to take my make-up off properly, brush my teeth, brush my hair and shower. If I’m feeling extra good I’ll moisturise my face as well.

Once a week I’m going to take some time to do the things I enjoy such as painting my nails or reading a magazine cover to cover, purely because they make me feel good.

I want my mental wellbeing to be at its optimum this year, and I think self-care is going to be key for this.

Be Kind To My Mind 

I am my own worst critic. I beat myself up over the smallest things. Not understanding something in a journal article, not saying the most articulate answer in a seminar or only managing 600 words when I wanted to write 1000.

During the third year, I want to accept that I’m not going to understand everything straight away or always get things right. I am allowed to make mistakes and I’m allowed to struggle.

Put My All Into My Society and Mental Health Campaigning Across Campus

Over the summer I set up a Student Minds society to campaign and support across campus. I hope this gets some recognition and I can help people who may be struggling. I’m so passionate about Student Minds and student mental health getting the recognition it deserves as an issue that needs to be taken seriously.

Take More Breaks 

I’ve been quite a fan of a ten-hour stint in the library or reading academic books cover to cover before allowing myself a break. At the end of these days I’ll be tired and stressed out but do it all over again. I want to allow myself to take breaks without feeling guilty, hopefully, this will mean my work will be of higher quality.

Recognise My Achievements 

Last year in my thirteen assignments I received eleven firsts and two 2:1s. I saw those lower grades as complete failures, completely ignoring every other good grade I received. If I receive grades I don’t feel as proud of, I want to focus on the good, maybe what I did well in the essay over what may have not gone so well.

Earlier Nights

At home, my parents go to bed at ten sometimes earlier and we live in a house with thin walls so I can’t stay up watching tv etc. Without my mum telling me to go to bed at ten I go on some crazy freedom trip and stay up until 3 am pressing next episode on Netflix JUST BECAUSE I CAN. This makes getting up really hard.

As my lectures, this year are in the afternoon for the first time I want to get up early and do a few hours of work before going to university so I can finish earlier in the evenings.

Make The Most Of Liverpool 

Liverpool is an incredible city and I haven’t seen most of it. I barely go anywhere that isn’t town. In my last year living in Liverpool, I want to explore more and do more.

Apply For A Masters Degree

I think this one’s pretty self-explanatory. I’d love to do an MA in Mass Communications when I graduate.

Get A First Class Degree

The ultimate goal. I’ve finished both first and second year with firsts so I’m hoping this won’t be too out of reach as I definitely have the motivation and the work ethic.

but most of all

Enjoy The Final Year Of My Degree

What are your new academic year resolutions?

Lots of love, Rose x


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