Ten Misconceptions About University Life

Before I ventured to university I heard so many stories about university life that put me off, mainly around money. Now, as a student people make assumptions about me which I despise. Here are the top ten I think you’ll recognise as a student or may change your mind about university if they were putting you off student accommodation for example.

  1. You’ll sleep all day

So firstly in both my first and second years, all my lectures started at 10 am meaning I had to get up at 8.30 to leave an hour later. I’d occasionally go home and nap but even on my day off (only one day) I’d be up at 9 am latest and filling my days with either uni work or going into town etc. I can’t, however, say I haven’t spent the whole day in bed though…. Netflix pre-loading episodes is a killer.

  1. You’ll be really poor, so poor you can’t afford to heat your house

This is something I believed and constantly worried about! However, in my personal situation, it just wasn’t an issue. Our bills were capped and I was always so anxious we’d go over it, but we never did and we weren’t frugal with it. Obviously, some might not be as lucky but even when we didn’t have the heating on there is always lots of blankets and dressing gowns!

  1. All you’ll do all day is watch daytime TV

I LOVE daytime TV like it is my jam, especially This Morning. My lectures though are 10-1 meaning I miss all the decent day time tv. I’ve also never had a TV and watching it live on your laptop just isn’t the same. As I mentioned above, Netflix however….

  1. You’ll spend your whole time drunk

Even the biggest party animals I know only go out two times a week or so. I go out once a month maybe and I have a lot better time.  In the first year I went out the grand total of three times and I don’t feel like I missed out on anything at all.

  1. You’ll be having the time of your life constantly

University takes up a big chunk of the year. Some weeks are full of things to do, others you’ll barely leave the house because you’ve got less money or deadlines are looming. It’s not always exciting. In fact, there have been times where I’ve been really really bored.

  1. You’ll never ever go home

Through personal choice, I go home every weekend to work. Everyone I know no matter how independent they are, go home every so often. If you’re coming to university from overseas this may be more tricky and travel can be expensive – but going to university doesn’t mean you are stuck there.

  1. Relationships from home won’t work

My god a number of articles I read before leaving for university along the lines of – they won’t work they never will cut your ties now etc are bullshit. Lee and I became a couple six months before I started university and are still together now. Sometimes it’s been hard but if you want it to work, it will.

  1. It will be easier than A levels

Why do people always say this? It’s not. Referencing alone makes it harder. Stop undermining how bloody hard I work.

  1. Your student house will be a mess

Some are, yeah, and any house will sometimes be messy but if you keep on top of it hopefully you’ll never be living among mouldy saucepans.

  1. You’ll live on pasta.

Admittedly I do know a lot of people who do. My flatmate in the first year seemed to live off pot noodle and ready meals but you don’t have to. Learn to cook, buy vegetables, look after yourself. Beat the stereotype!


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