Student Eats: One Pot Quinoa Chilli

One of the things I’ve found hard at university regardless of the fact I’ve been brought up on good food is thinking what to cook. It’s even harder when cooking for one and wanting something that’s both quick and easy but nutritious. Over the last year I’ve developed a few ‘staple’ meals that I turn to most weeks and I thought I’d share them to possibly give you some inspiration in what I’m hoping to become a little series ‘Free From Student Eats’.  Obviously, if you aren’t on a free from diet you can swap ingredients but I think this meal is great as it is and wouldn’t benefit in anyway from meat, but maybe I’m bias.

This meal is ridiculously filling, and great to make in a big batch and then either eat for lunches as it’s also nice cold or freeze for a night you simply can’t be bothered.

It’s also gluten free and vegan!

You will need: 

Quinoa (approx 1 cup per person)

1 can each of kidney and cannellini beans (alternatively you can use a can of ‘taco’ mixed beans that have the spice already added in the sauce)

1 tin of tomatoes

1 stock cube (made up with water, obviously)

1 red and green pepper

As many garlic cloves as you desire

1 red onion


Paprika, Cumin, Crushed Chilli

Coriander (optional if you’re a coriander hater)

Avocado and tortilla chips to serve with (again optional)




Fry off your onions & garlic until browned then add your peppers and mushrooms and cook through, then add your spices.

Add the quinoa, tinned tomatoes, beans and stock, wait until it is bubbling then turn it down to a simmer and cover.

Check every few minutes and stir until the quinoa is cooked and all the liquid has been absorbed.

Serve with coriander, avocado and tortilla chips.

Enjoy! Told you it was easy.

Lots of love, Rose x








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