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My Favourite Mental Health YouTube Videos

I love YouTube videos and have been watching them since I was about fifteen. Although I’ve grown out of watching a lot of the ones I used to and definitely don’t spend as much time as I used to on them I still turn to YouTube for a bit of escapism. Escapism aside YouTube “personalities” “influencers” whatever you want to call them can also tackle some real life hard issues such as mental health. For me, from a young teenager to now an adult, I find these videos really helpful, a reminder I’m not alone in the way I feel. There’s been a lot of talk recently about YouTubers needed to do more in terms of being “role models” whether they asked for the title or not, here are some videos I think take on that role and deal with mental health really well:

Louise Pentland (Sprinkle Of Glitter)

I LOVE Louise. I find her hilarious and so uplifting and how cute is her daughter? She is one of the personalities I feel like I’ve grown up with, especially with her rebrand earlier in the year where she decided to no longer filter herself for a pre-teen audience. She has talked openly about her past which included childhood abuse which has led her to talk about mental health just not in an overt way. She also talks openly about her divorce, not being the perfect parent, religion, politics, helping the lesser off such as giving to FoodBanks, plus size fashion, woman’s equality and sex. Told you she’s good! These topics may not help younger people, but there needs to be help out there for people more my age (twenty plus) who are definitely still learning their way in the world. Another thing I love about Louise is her awareness of Triggers. She always put warnings in the title of her videos for lesser known phobias such as emotophobia, which others either aren’t knowledgeable about or just ignore.

My favourite videos:

Having Hope:

This video was published in 2013, the year I was completing my CBT and feeling completely hopeless. I remember crying my eyes out when I first watched it and thought yes I can do it. Things are going to be okay. It is a wonderful message about no matter what you are worthy of happiness and good things. Although it’s a few years old now, I still watch it back. The message still stands the same and maybe it will help you too.

Self Harm:

A big YouTuber talking about such a prevalent issue with actual research behind it? This video is in collaboration with Young Minds and The British Red Cross and focuses on stereotypes and myths around self harm. It is very informative on and includes first aid on what to do if you are worried about someone else. I think this is an amazing video, especially when her audience includes A LOT of young people who may be going through this or know someone else who is and can learn through a figure they trust.

Facing My Travel Fears:

I suffer from travel anxiety, and so does Louise. I’ve loved watching her face her fears through Vlogs and it really did make me feel like I could too. She doesn’t hide the bad parts though, she films when she’s upset or struggling with travel which I think is SO Important in showing that things aren’t straight lines as they say. In this video she mentions how booking taxis, getting currency etc can be massively scary when you have travel anxiety. I find another big YouTuber who is the poster girl for anxiety doesn’t do anything in terms of exposures (publicly anyway) and that’s why I love Louise’s vlogs!

Lucy Moon

I only found Lucy’s videos about a year ago when I got bored of watching the same beauty videos and hauls over and over again. She makes a range of videos but focuses on mental health through her struggles at university, something I really struggle with as well. She also has recently gone sober due to alcohol issues also during her last year at university. I found her very calming and her videos are short and easy to watch. Definitely someone to check out.

The Difficult months:

A really visual video on bad mental health months. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. 

Self Care Tips:

Really good and achievable tips.

Hi, I’m Lucy:

I think a lot of people believe that abusing alcohol at university is normal. To an extent it is, but for some people it goes too far and can turn into reliance. In this video Lucy talks about her own alcoholism, spotting the signs and going  sober. I love to watch YouTube to educate myself, which is what this did, but for some who may be in the same boat it really may help.

Lex Croucher: 

I love love love Lex. She is hilarious and so feisty. I feel like we have a lot in common, trying our best to be vegan, feminism, left wing politics, what a babe. Anyway she also talks about her anxiety but not in a self help way, more in a this is how it feels and it’s okay way.

My Anxiety:

Talking openly & the benefits of therapy in a short snappy video.

How To Love Yourself:

I hope some day to be at this point. Great advice for self esteem in a humorous way.

Laura Jane Williams 

Okay so, Laura is a blogger not a YouTuber but she is featured in ‘Wonderful You’s’ videos. I think Megan also talks about Mental Health, specifically depression but I’ve never watched them but she could be one to check out too!

You Don’t Have To Be Broken To Be Interesting:

The cracks aren’t the things that define you, it’s how you recover. 

Laura also talks openly about her struggles with mental health over on her blog and is an a amazing writer. She’s published a book this year “Ice Cream For Breakfast” about embracing your inner child and it is so uplifting and motivating.

On Depression:

Do Not Change:


Just read every blog entry, every instagram, every tweet basically.

Dan Howell (Dan Is Not On Fire) 

Dan and Phil are some of the first YouTubers I ever watched back when I was doing my GCSES. I’ve always found them hilarious and enjoyed their radio show as well (why did they get rid of that damn you Radio One). Dan does the whole depreciating self loathing humorous thing (we all cope in different ways) and although sometimes it’s annoying, I do genuinely love each video he makes. Watch these ones if you want to laugh.

A Message For My Younger Self:

A good message on just celebrating who you are.

College Dropout:

A video on putting your health and happiness before academia.

Do you have any favourite YouTube videos that focus on mental health?

Lots of love, Rose x


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