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Fresher’s Pressure

So, Fresher’s Week is fast approaching. You may even be in the midst of it as you read this. Typically, Freshers is a week that is represented as a week (now sometimes two!) of drinking, club events which include dressing up, getting yourself into weird situations, getting with random people, living off tinned goods and… Continue reading Fresher’s Pressure

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Is Mental Health Education in Schools a Good Thing?

This post originally took the form of an email to Dolly Alderton and Pandora Sykes in response to their conversation on the podcast The High Low. I have suffered from separation anxiety, which often isn’t talked about but, 4% of young people suffer from since childhood. For me it was a fear that if I… Continue reading Is Mental Health Education in Schools a Good Thing?

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Student Eats: Chinese Sweetcorn Soup

Hello! In the last year, I’ve felt lost with my blogging and unsure of the direction I wanted this space to take. At its heart, Our Rose is a mental health and student blog, however, there is more to me than being the ‘anxious student who campaigns’. I’ve written more about this in this blog… Continue reading Student Eats: Chinese Sweetcorn Soup

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Mental Health on Television

In the last year there has been a rise in television with mental health storylines from popular soap operas EastEnders and Coronation Street to Netflix shows Thirteen Reasons Why and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. There are usually two sides of this conversation. The first being it is good for educating and tackling stigma, the second being that… Continue reading Mental Health on Television

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To My Mental Health Nurse on The Day,​ I Graduate University

Dear, you, When people talk about those who changed their life, they probably think of significant relationships, friendships, partners. For me, it was you. I would not be the person standing here today if it wasn’t for the way you helped to re-mould me into a person who lived life a little fuller and dreamed… Continue reading To My Mental Health Nurse on The Day,​ I Graduate University