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I Am High Functioning Anxiety

During my struggle with anxiety, I’ve had a lot of people questioning the severity of it. I think the consensus on anxiety is never being able to leave the house or work and all social situations are a no-go. For me, however, my anxiety has never looked like this. I’ve worked part-time since fourteen, although… Continue reading I Am High Functioning Anxiety

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My New (Academic) Year Resolutions

I start my third and final year of university on Monday. It’s gone so quickly and there’s a lot of things I want to do differently so I both enjoy and feel good throughout my final year as an undergraduate student (sob). Self-Care During my second year, self-care went out of the window. I wasn’t… Continue reading My New (Academic) Year Resolutions

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Coping With Your Mental Health During Freshers

Be Honest and Open Mental illness is nothing to be ashamed of. Earlier this year, my mum told me to just own the fact I have anxiety. I liked that, I’m still a good person, a fun person, despite my struggles and so are you. Tell the people you are going to be living with… Continue reading Coping With Your Mental Health During Freshers